Whats new in Android Lollipop 5.1

Android 5.1 introduces dual SIM support as a built-in Android feature. True, there's no shortage of dual-SIM phones running older versions of Google's OS. But now that this capability is baked into Android in 5.1, it should make things easier for smaller manufacturers shipping Android 5.1 phones in developing markets

New Settings Window
Our favorite new change has to do with Quick Settings. For those that don't even know, pulling down the notification bar twice (or once with two fingers) brings up a Quick Settings menu. From here you have access to screen brightness, and toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth, a flashlight, airplane mode, auto rotate settings, location, screen casting, and more quick toggles appear as you use them. Like hotspot control, and more.

Device Protection
With Android 5.1 Google added even more protection for lost or stolen devices. And while this can't be seen in settings, if you have a password, pattern, or PIN enabled, Device Protection will be working for you.

 Android 5.1 supports voLTE HD calling